About sansetap.no

Website about visual, hearing and dual sensory loss.

Purpose and background

The purpose of sansetap.no is to give information about sensory loss, with focus on mastery, coping, and possibilities.

The website is a portal with links that connect the reader to additional relevant information.

Sansetap.no was relaunched in 2012, financed by the Norwegian Health Directorate. Statped is now responsible for the further administration of the website.

Target groups

The target groups include professionals, persons with sensory loss, their families and their social networks.

Cooperating Partners

Statped cooperated with InterMedia, University of Oslo, regarding web design, audio-visual material, animations and simulations of vision and hearing loss.


The website covers a range of issues, from everyday life to information about health, education, and support presented in the form of texts (almost 1,500 pages), short films (about 100 films), pictures and illustrations. There are about 1,900 links to further reading.

The material is organized by age (toddlers, children and youth, adults and senior citizens) and type of disability through to the following menu:

  • Portraits/short films
  • About vision, hearing, and dual sensory loss
  • Active participation
  • Facilitation and assistive devices
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Links and literature

In addition, you will also find this information:

  • Simulations on how it might be to have reduced vision or hearing impairment
  • Sight and hearing related diagnoses, conditions, diseases and injuries
  • Support and assistance
    • Relevant government agencies
    • Rights and services provided by the government
    • User organizations

Universal Design

We have emphasized the use of Universal Design.

How to translate into English or other languages

You can easily translate the website into English or other languages by using Google translate. This translation is not perfect, but you can get the meaning of the texts.

Information brochure

Download the information brochure in English.

Contact Person

Nina Sellæg, editor

E-mail: post@sansetap.no
Web: www.sansetap.no

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